5 Easy Steps to Get Your Picky Eater Eating Whole Healthy Foods! (even if you've tried sneaking healthy foods in at dinner time and failed)

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July 26 | 4:00pm PST | 5:00pm MST| 6:00pm CT | 7:00pm EST
Presented by:
Heather Mitchell
Hello! I’m Health Coach Heather, a Master Health Coach specializing in whole family wellness. I work with families struggling with obesity and sickness due to poor eating & lifestyle habits.

Using doctor-written, medically-proven protocols, I help support my clients and their families by taking the mystery out of what to eat and how to care for their bodies.

In addition, providing protocols that make necessary lifestyle changes easy to adopt and maintain, I provide the support, guidance, and resources to help your family on their unique journey.
Love from our clients:
"Having Heather as my health coach has been a great experience. Her energy and enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle is contagious. She gave me the foundation and skills needed to feel like myself again after having my baby, and the accountability factor is just what I needed to stay on track. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to live a happier, more full life!"   -Brittany Hutchison

 "Heather is a wealth of knowledge as well as an amazing coach." -Silene Brown


In this free hour with me, you will walk away knowing:
  • Top tips to getting your kids to eat real food
  • How to help your child overcome unhealthy cravings so that they can choose for themselves healthy foods
  • How to make meal time with kids fun, so that they can develop a love for cooking homemade meals
  • How to meal prep & pack a healthy lunch so your healthy lifestyle becomes convenient
  • Healthy after school snacks & stocking your pantry

Free Masterclass
July 26th~ 4:00pm PST
While I work with doctors, I am not a doctor and do not treat or diagnose symptoms.
This information is brought to you for educational purposed only.

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