This is your second chance at raising a healthy family,
free from pain & illness!

"Take Two” - A second shot at creating healthy habits within the family.

Getting to the root cause of children’s health issues by balancing blood sugar, decreasing inflammation in the brain and body and increasing energy and focus
using science-backed health guidelines written by doctors
so your child can heal safely and naturally.

  Is your child experiencing weight gain, feeling tired and sluggish around the house, lacking motivation and drive, struggling with poor body image, not interested in eating healthier?
Take Two Whole Family Wellness Program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Improve your family's health through lifestyle and dietary changes
  • Enjoy life as a family, free from health problems caused by unhealthy habits
  • Get to the root of yours and your child’s physical and or mental health problems instead of just
    treating symptoms!
  • Accept guidance from an expert health coach who can help you heal from illness and negative
    behaviors around food!
  • Embrace a natural path to health and wellness!

Who this program is not for:
People that already have it figured out and are set in their way of doing things

People who aren’t ready to dive in and make changes to their family’s health

People who aren’t ready to invest time, effort, or money into making positive habits for life

Hello there, 

Living with sickness or poor body image due to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle can affect every aspect of your life. I know the symptoms that come with eating processed foods are holding you back from living the life you always wanted for you and your family. I also know that trying to make lifestyle changes on your own can be difficult and overwhelming. I've been where you are.

You're feeling confused with so many options out there. It can be hard to know who to trust. Instead of trying to wade through books, dietary options, and lifestyle changes on your own, maybe it’s time to consider a different approach. I want to introduce you to the scientifically proven protocols within my 12-week program that can naturally heal your family from the inside out by balancing your blood sugar, eliminating chronic inflammation, and supporting gut health!

You’re living with a child who’s overweight or experiencing an illness due to poor food and lifestyle choices, and you're unsure where to turn. The good news is, I can help you. You found this page for a reason!
  • Anxiety, depression and fatigue keep your child feeling isolated from others and unable to take part in the activities they once enjoyed and loved.
  • ​You don't want to live a life dependent on expensive medications and treatments.
  • You don’t want to live a life dependent on expensive medications and treatments for your child.
  • Your child is gaining weight which is causing stress and lack of confidence/self esteem.
  • ​Deep down, you’re scared about where these health issues could lead your child in the future.
I know living with unhealthy family members is hard in so many ways, but there is hope and freedom ahead of you! Imagine if your family could live a life without illness due to poor choices! Imagine a life where you and your child wake up..
  • Feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, and filled with energy
  • Without having to depend on medication, without the side effect and unknown risks.
  • Losing the excess weight for good and ending the health risks that come with it!
  • Knowing what foods support your health and how to care for yourself and treat obesity, fatigue
    and depression without feeling overwhelmed or stressed!
  • Spending time with the people you love and not missing out on important events due to

Most of all, you can experience peace in the home from debilitating symptoms that are preventing your family from living a life you all love!

I want to help you take control of how you feed your family. I can help you!
Hello! I’m Health Coach Heather, a Master Health Coach specializing in whole family wellness. I work with families struggling with obesity and sickness due to poor eating & lifestyle habits. Using doctor-written, medically-proven protocols, I help support my clients and their family’s by taking the mystery out of what to eat and how to care for their bodies. In addition, providing protocols that make necessary lifestyle changes easy to adopt and maintain, I provide the support, guidance, and resources to help your family on their unique journey

I studied at the top health coaching school in the world, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I was proud to study at IIN because it allowed me to understand how to guide people to the root cause of their pain through diet, exercise, and mindfulness practices. I went on to further my education with a Masters Certification in Health Coaching from The Master Health Coach Academy. I obtained undergrad education from Dixie State College in St. George, Utah & Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

I teach wellness workshops & clean eating cooking classes for corporate offices and public events as well as run a blog over at

Having Heather as my health coach has been a great experience. Her energy and enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle is contagious. She gave me the foundation and skills needed to feel like myself again after having my baby, and the accountability factor is just what I needed to
stay on track. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to live a happier, more full life!
-Brittany Hutchison
Heather I want to thank you for your generosity and concern when it comes to living a healthier life!! Your ease to talk to and listening ear are priceless. And then there's all the amazing natural tried and true tips that are aha moments and seem to make life easier. Thank
you for your time and friendship in this (healthier) better way of living.
-Christy Perez

I am grateful for all of the coaching from Heather... it has helped me parent my teenager through his journey. I'm able to see more clearly what an amazing young man he is even when his actions don't match up with who he truly is. Our conversations have helped me to have a better relationship with him & I'm not feeling guilt when he makes a choice I don't agree with.
-Mindy Terry
Take Two - Whole family wellness program is based on doctor-written protocols that are scientifically-proven to be effective for aiding in the recovery of obesity/weight gain, anxiety/stress and mild forms of depression. This program focuses on natural healing by helping you eliminate the triggers in your child’s life that are causing chronic inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, and damaging gut health.

Studies are showing that chronic inflammation is at the root of most major health issues. Chronic inflammation is made worse by blood sugar imbalance and poor gut health. However, by eliminating highly inflammatory foods, reducing stress, and understanding your body’s needs, you can not only eliminate the symptoms and reduce risk, you can even undo the damage that weight gain has caused.

Take Two - Whole family wellness program provides you with everything you need to understand weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and make the lifestyle changes your family needs without feeling overwhelmed!
The 12-week program includes:
  • Weekly modules that come with informative video training courses and action plans to help you apply what you learn in your life.
  • Access to video recipe library and video workout library to help you get on track with clean eating and exercise
  • Reference guides and handouts such as: Kick the sugar habit, Pantry Makeover, Eating out guide, Glorious greens & smoothies, How to meal prep, Fermented Foods, Top tips for sleep, Hydration, Picky Eaters Guide, and so much more!
  • Ask Heather Forum - Submit your questions to me 24/7
  • 8 Live group coaching calls
  • 5-day Whole Foods Detox for beginners - perfect for the whole family
Each week, we will cover a new topic to help improve your clarity on properly nourishing your family from the inside out!
Week One: Coaching Call - Nutrition 101
  • ​ Retraining your child's palette
  • ​ Smoothie Recipes your family will love
Week Two: Coaching Call - "Kick the sugar habit"
  • ​ Learn how much sugar is recommended for adults and children and how to stick to that recommendation
  • ​  Handout: "How sugar is ruining your life"
  • ​  The dark business of marketing to kids
Week Three: Coaching Call - "Sleeping Success"
  • ​ We'll cover the dangers of sleeping too little, plus dive into the importance of hydration and breathing properly
Week Four: Coaching Call -"How to Meal Prep"
  • ​ We'll discuss the importance of meal prepping and how to apply it in your home with ease
  • I'll teach you how to buy the healthiest foods on a budget and where to buy them
  • ​I'll teach you how to stock your panty with the right kinds of foods
  • ​Sunday Meal Prep Challenge!!
Week Five: Establishing a Workout Routine
  • ​ Everyone in the family needs to be moving. Let's help each member find something they love to do, and stick to it!
Week Six: Coaching Call - "Self Care"
  • What does self care look like for each member of the family?
  • ​Self Care Challenge!!
Week Seven: Establishing Sacred Time
  • Starting a meditation practice
  • ​Breathing to calm down
  • ​Book recommendation: "The Universe has your back"
Week Eight: Life Coaching Call - "Overcoming any problem in your life"
  • Bring your any challenge you're facing to this call. I'm going to show you how I solve any problem in my life using a simple model
Week Nine: Gut Health
  • Understanding the microbiome
  • Fermented food for health + recipes
  • Gut health guide
Week Ten:  Coaching Call - "Detoxing your body and environment"
  • How to safely detox your body from all the buildup (Great for the whole family)
  • What are EMF's and why are they the new carcinogen? + EMF Handout
Week Eleven: 5-day Whole Foods Seasonal Detox Challenge
  • Handbook, recipes, shopping list & bonus materials to help your family stick to the challenge of eating clean whole foods and eliminating bad foods for 5 days!
Week Twelve: Coaching Call - closing week
  • Recap on what we learned in 12 weeks
  • Setting big goals for the future
  • Being successful on your own
You may be thinking, how is Take Two different from other programs out there? Unlike so many protocols you may find, this was specifically created for families dealing with an overweight or ill child which may be due to poor diet. I brought in sound advice from experts in family wellness. The information I present is based on making medically proven lifestyle adjustments
that allow the body to heal.

This family wellness program also provides you with in-depth resources, support, and guidance from me. Instead of trying to find information on your own and spending days pouring through conflicting articles and sources, I’ll be available to help you through your journey to end your family’s battle with cravings for processed foods and the symptoms that come from eating a western diet.
Heather has dramatically changed my life! I have wanted to lose weight for years and have struggled with different diets on and off. Heather is knowledgeable about so many different diets and eating plans. I loved that I could ask her anything
and she would know the answer! Her coaching helped me realize that my weight problem stems from other areas in my life including my own thinking and the relationships around me. She has helped me realize that if I change my thinking and improve my relationships it will make my weight loss much easier and permanent. This isn't a lose weight quick and gain it all back program. I love her non-judgmental way of coaching. I never felt shame and when I was hard on myself she would help me see it in a productive way. I love that she is organized and sends the highlights of the conversation back in an email. I also love her sharing of recipes and workouts!!! Heather is a wealth of knowledge as well as an amazing coach.
-Silene Brown

I have had a year full of intense, unexpected feelings. I got to a place in my life where I was fairly in control of my eating, but this past year has been rough and I lost a little of that control. I used to wake up naturally around 5 am and I would be full of energy throughout my day. This past year that wake up time is more like 7/8, which still is not horrible, but I was also groggy and not as full of energy as before. As a social worker/therapist I understand it takes time to process emotions and the sometimes difficult life experiences we go through that are out of our control so I was patient with myself and gave my self some time, however I knew I was ready to have more energy. I gave Health Coach Heather a try, and I am back to waking up between 5 and 6 naturally and rested with energy for the day. 
I have more strength to resist the everyday cravings, in fact the cravings have gone away. My son saw me eating some almond butter and an almond milk yogurt and asked if it was good. I told him it is really good if you are not used to eating donuts and candy bars with processed sugars in them.
 I am grateful for the support from Heather. I appreciated that she was available to message and talk me through cravings and questions I had. I was grateful for the reminders to sit with myself and become aware of my thoughts and feelings. It was educational for me to learn to be ok in the discomfort again. I got back to the appreciation for food as fuel for my body. 
-Marilla Garcia
I've been where you're at
As a child, my parents both worked full-time jobs. Convenience foods were all the rage at the time. We lived off top ramen, mac n' cheese, tuna and hamburger helper, pop tarts, cereal, granola bars, and other packaged foods. While the foods didn't feel like they were harming us at the time, they were slowly poisoning us. We experienced mood swings, acne, obesity, high blood pressure, depression and more. My hope is that I can help families get to the root of the problem before these symptoms hit. 
My Commitment to You
If you are willing to follow the “Take Two” whole family wellness program, make an effort to learn, and accept the lifestyle changes, you'll experience remarkable changes in your health. I will be with you every step of the way to help you turn your family’s health around, reduce your risks of dangerous health issues, and improve your family’s weight, blood pressure, insulin levels & anxiety/stress.

For this 12-week transformation program, your payment of $1297 Includes your
weekly modules, resource guides, recipe books, along with group coaching calls, 5- day whole foods detox plan, recipe and workout video library and “Ask Heather” forum.
(payment can be broken down into 3 monthly payments)
Extra group coaching call with me 2 weeks after the completion of the program, to make sure what you learned is sticking, plus talk about where you might be struggling.
Eating out guide.
We all like to eat out, but what to look for on a menu can be difficult when navigating a healthy lifestyle. I'll include my guide for confidently eating out anywhere and ordering healthy food.
Superfoods guide to incorporate for health and healing.
Superfoods can be a powerful addition to a healthy diet. Boasted results of superfoods include: Better sleep, more energy, healing from the inside out, headaches and joint pain reduced or diminished.
“Take Two” - Whole family wellness program, will provide you with an end to the struggle of sick and unhealthy children and family members. Start with this first step and begin your family journey toward a life filled with energy, joy and health!
Today you can choose from among three different packages - or take them ALL:
Autoimmune Protocol
Autoimmune diseases affect up to 50 million Americans with deadly and difficult conditions like Hepatitis, Colitis, Muscular Sclerosis, and Rheumatism. And standard medical treatment is often costly and dangerous. Bring new hope to thousands when you provide instant resources to help patients immediately begin to experience the power of natural health with simple actions backed by powerful research - backed approaches.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I take part in "Take Two" if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
"Take Two" should be perfectly safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding because we will only be eliminating foods that can be dangerous to your health, and there are no supplements required. However, I would recommend you discuss the Take Two with your healthcare practitioner before starting a new plan.

What if I begin this and I don’t think it’s for me? Is there a refund policy?
Because it's important to commit fully to these lifestyle changes to see a reversal of your health, I can't issue refunds.

What happens when I join?
You will receive a welcome confirmation email with steps to know what to do from there, including handouts and group coaching call schedule.
Are materials available through digital download only or can they be sent to me?
At this time, materials are only available through a digital download so you can print them at your convenience!

I have dietary restrictions due to religion/allergies/personal beliefs, can I still take part?
Absolutely! By following Take Two, you are eliminating certain foods from your diet, and in no way have to add specific items into your diet, especially if they aren't in alignment with your beliefs or medical needs.
If you have additional questions, reach out to me at

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